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JJs Luck Band, we are a local six-piece cover band from the PNW playing music that will make you feel good, move your feet and sing along.

Bob drums

Bob Stangler


I’m a forever Bremertonian who was lucky enough to have parents that supported my interest in music. They bought me my first drum set when I turned 13 and also paid for some lessons at the old Sherman and Clay music store. Those lessons led me to playing in a neighborhood rock band. What a blast! Played in a few other bands in and out of school (CK73 & OC) and then went to the big city side playing 6 nights a week for a couple of years. Got burnt out on that, made a life “change of course” decision, got married, a steady job, raised a family and…then… 35 years later, retired from PSNS. Now here I am playing drums and having fun again. It’s funny how things will boomerang in your life.

guy guitar

Guy McMahan

Rhythm / Lead Guitar, Vocals

First, a big thank you for checking us out! I’ve been playing in bars ever since I was 16 years old. Started out as a drummer, toured around the Northwest United States, Alaska and Hawaii with a rock band called RoC Kandy. I also played casinos in Washington with a band called Hump Diggity.

I currently lead worship at Belfair community church with a contemporary service and large band (Jesus loves rock ʻnʼ roll.) I’ve played the Bite of Seattle and Taste of Tacoma with RoC Kandy and opened for Foghat and The Guess Who. I currently play rhythm guitar, sing, and a little bit of lead. Hope you like our band!

Jay mr luck

Jay Kluth

Guitar, Vocals

Growing up in Bremerton with a father who, besides working in education, was an accomplished jazz pianist and me taking piano lessons early in life, it’s only natural that I would gravitate to the bass guitar, right??? There’s just something about the bass that I loved and it led me to playing in a number of bands both in and out of school starting around age 13. In school there was Stage Band and orchestra (yes, with the bass violin). Outside of school there were multiple rock bands where at some point I switched from bass to guitar and sometimes, even the keyboards. We played locally — eventually joined the Musician’s Union and a booking agency, then traveled a bit. But wanting a steady income, I got a job in the shipyard (PSNS), from which I recently retired.

It’s been a “long and winding road” over the last 40+ years, playing in various bands at bars/lounges, large events and festivals in both WA & OR. My musical journey took me off road at times; I started with classic rock, and then ventured through lounge jazz, country, blue grass, and yes, even disco. Today, I’m back to playing classic rock with this great group of like-minded musicians, (and to quote Maxwell Smart) “and loving it!”

jim vocals

Jim Schoville


Hi everybody, James Schoville here with vocals and front man duties, i.e.: hamming it up and trying to get the energy going between you and us. We love it when you’re on your feet and the magic of connection is feeding us both. Without you there wouldn’t be us.

My music story goes back to when I was 8 years old and my parents bought me one of the first tape recording machines. I would play piano and sing for hour’s recording everything, learning to manipulate my voice until I could actually not cringe upon playback. By the time I was 12, I began playing in bands in and around the Chicago area. I haven’t looked back since; those formative years created a desire that I’m afraid will never leave me. Music is magical and to create with my brothers in JJs Luck Band is pure and rewarding. We hope you all can feel the love that we’re throwing out there.

Peace to you all and thank you for your interest in our band. Please keep coming back out to see us.

ken guitar

Ken Holst

Bass, Vocals

I have lived in Washington now for almost seven years, originally from the Houston, TX area. Played Jazz in high school and college as well as bass in rock bands in my twenties. Gave that up for many years for family and work priorities but began again in the early 2000’s, reconnecting with old music friends and playing in some pubs in Houston. Played for several years in an oldies band when I first came to Washington and indirectly through that met a member of this band. Come check us out and I think you’ll have a good time!

ron keyboards

Ron Cain

Keyboards, Vocals

Looking back, it’s been going on 35 years of playing music mostly on Sundays and at nursing homes, prison ministries, and youth events, camps, detention centers. A few of us would rehearse and perform at gigs such as at the Roxy Theatre when it was owned by Calvary Chapel, 105.3 FM events at Seattle Center and at the Bite of Seattle.

Boyhood memories are the years of piano lessons, recitals in Wyoming, then Bremerton after the family move and playing music with dad at family gatherings and nursing homes.

Over the past few years, I’m grateful for having been given the opportunity to go down another path, the enjoyment of playing Classic Rock in band situations. First with a high school reunion band formed to open for Spike and the Impalers at the Admiral Theatre and recently joining this fantastic group of guys having a great time rehearsing and performing together out in the community!!

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